As a kid there was two things a really wanted to be, a professional baseball player and Boba Fett. Neither happened, but it is ok, it never took away my love for baseball and Star Wars. I can still remember seeing Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and thinking how cool is this guy. Look at all this stuff he has, a cool blaster, sweet armor, and a rocket pack. From that moment I was hooked. With the news of Jeremy Bulloch passing away, it made me not only think about my childhood and my memories of Boba Fett, but also the happiness Star Wars still brings me today.

The Star Wars Toys

Of course, like most people my age I saw Star Wars: A New Hope as a kid, and I was hooked. I had to have every Star Wars toy out there. Well growing up we didn’t have a lot of money, but my mother made my birthdays and Christmases memorable. No I didn’t get a lot but what I did get meant the world to me. There was one Star Wars figure I had, he was so cool. He had a sweet jet pack with a rocket and his armor was so cool. Of course I am talking about Boba Fett. I mean how sweet is this figure? I would play with Boba Fett all the time. Not only did he kick everyone’s ass in my Star Wars stories, he would head on over and even show G.I. Joe what’s up.

Boba Fett Action Figure
This was my Boba Fett Figure from when I was a kid!

The Empire Strikes Back – Boba Fett

So, here I am so excited over this Boba Fett action figure, and then I realized he wasn’t in the movie. Yeah my mom bought me the toys before I saw the movie. Oh well, he was and still is my favorite toy! Well it wasn’t long until I finally saw The Empire Strikes Back, and OMG! The movie was already good, but then we got to THE SCENE! You all know what I am talking about. There he was, the bounty hunter Boba Fett, hired by Darth Vader to catch Han Solo!

That was it, I wanted to be Boba Fett. Yeah he might not had a lot of screen time, but I didn’t care, he looked so bad-ass! Yes, I was also one that wanted him to catch Han Solo.

Not only did Boba Fett have some kick ass armor, his ship Slave 1 was also cool as hell. Damn why didn’t we get more Boba Fett? Yes, I know we did in Return of the Jedi, but the way George Lucas did Fett in, we all know that was BS!

My Love For Star Wars

Now when I was younger I had no clue who Jeremy Bulloch was. But because of him in The Empire Strikes Back I fell in love with Star Wars. During the tough times in college to the hills and mountains of Afghanistan, Star Wars was always there for me. I even learned how to use Star Wars to help fight the Dark Side of PTSD and Depression. Star Wars is part of the reason I am still here today able to write this. Not only has it helped me, Star Wars also introduced me to many new friends that are like family, and has given me opportunities I never thought I would ever have. Just think, this love for Star Wars started because of Boba Fett.

Thank You Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)

Jeremy Bulloch thank you! Not only did you bring one of the coolest characters to life, you helped save mine. You open the doors for others, John Morton, Mark Austin, Dickey Beer, Daniel Logan, and most recently Temura Morrison to continue in your footsteps. You are responsible for giving fans like myself not only the memories of the past, but also looking forward to more Boba Fett in the future. So again thank you, from not only me but from all of your fans out there. You gave us so much from so little, you will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace Jeremy Bulloch!