Resident Alien is a pretty good comic book series that’s now also going to be a TV series from Syfy. Even better, Alan Tudyk (Hoban “Wash” Washburne from Firefly) will star as the alien himself. And somehow even better than that, we’ve just got a new trailer for the series, and it’s quite the chuckle-fest.

Yes, I am a perfectly normal human just like all you other humans.

From what we can see in this new trailer, Resident Alien is as intriguing as it is funny. The premise of the series reminds me of the Men in Black films, but from the aliens’ perspective. Only, there seems to be a twist involved. A twist of the murdery kind.

Resident Alien: Crime Scene Investigation

Resident Alien logo.
The smarmiest-looking alien you’ve ever seen.

The premise of Resident Alien is that an alien who’s crash-landed on Earth decides to disguise himself as a human doctor. You know, for humans. Simple, right? Well, it was, until the police call him in to perform an autopsy on a murder victim. Because he’s the only doctor in the small town he chose to hide in.

Mr. Resident Alien himself, sans disguise.
Alien wondering why he chose this particular profession.

Now our resident alien not only has to blend in among the locals, he also has to help solve crimes. Although to be fair, he does seem to be enjoying himself doing so. While also being completely unaware of how…awkward and bizarre he is.

Mr. Resident Alien, in a cowboy hat.
If I put on this hat, no one will suspect me!


Syfy’s TV adaptation of the hit sci-fi comedy comic book Resident Alien by Dark Horse Comics just got a hilarious new trailer. If the show is as good as the trailer implies it to be, it’s going to be one worth watching. At the very least, you can chuckle along to the sight of Serenity‘s pilot playing an awkward alien when the show premiers on January 27, 2021.

Sci-fi, comedy, crime, and horror? I’m sold.

Source: YouTube