Earlier this year, Star Wars fans got a surprise with the announcement of Star Wars: The Bad Batch series coming to Disney+. Then during last week Disney Investor’s Meeting we got another surprise with our first look at The Bad Batch. During this teaser fans noticed that Fennec Shand, a bounty hunter introduced in The Mandalorian, showed up in the teaser. Well thanks to an interview on StarWars.com we know know that Ming-Na Wen will be voicing a younger Fennec Shand in the Disney+ The Bad Batch Series.

Ming-Na Wen In Star Wars: The Bad Batch

After being introduced in The Mandalorian when we first saw Fennec Shand we thought we was left for dead in the sand of Tatooine. Well after being saved by Boba Fett she returned and eventually teamed up with Mando and Fett to try to save Grogu. Well thanks to an interview with StarWars.com we have now found out we will see more of Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Ming-Na Wen
Photo Credit: StarWars.com

Do you know how long I’ve had to keep silent about Fennec coming back?” she asks with a joyful laugh. “This is the first time I’ve been able to talk about it!” After the sizzle reel for the upcoming Star Wars animation project was revealed last week, Wen still had to stay mum for a few more days, Filoni told her. Her response? “Dave, if you wanted to keep it a secret you shouldn’t have put me in the trailer!” she laughs. “Everybody is saying they just want the confirmation. So, yes, it is Fennec! It’s a younger Fennec and she is voiced by me and I’m thrilled and beyond happy that Dave wanted to create more of a backstory for her.”

Source: StarWars.com

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Source: StarWars.com