Batman: Soul of the Dragon just released a series of new images promoting its impending release for home media. These new images seem to involve fire. Much fire. Mostly coming from candles.

Batman: Soul of the Candle.
Hmm, so more candles do not mean more romance.
Batman: More Soul of the Candle.
Nope, definitely not.
Batman: All the Soul of the Candles.
Okay, the number of candles is getting ridiculous now.
Batman: Soul of the Torch.
Finally, just one can…wait a sec. That’s no candle.

Batman: Only Fire Lives Here Now

Batman: Soul of the Dragon cover art.
Even the cover is fire-colored.

As you can see, Batman: Soul of the Dragon seems to have a bizarre fetish for open flames. Although to be fair, the film is titled Soul of the Dragon, not Soul of the Bat. Dragons are typically associated with fire in mythology and folklore. All that flame may be trying to tell us something. Maybe some pyromania is going on here?

You know you got pyromania bad when you’re singing about it.

Or maybe I’m just reading a bit too much into the situation here. Maybe there’s a perfectly innocent reason for all the fire in Batman: Soul of the Dragon. Maybe all it is, is just the symbolism of fire and dragons together. Something that doesn’t involve burning everything to the ground.

Let it burn.
Fire Elmo disagrees.

Either that, or one or more of the characters of Batman: Soul of the Dragon is going to turn into a dragon at some point. That would actually be pretty cool. It’d also be speculation though, since there’s no evidence of anything like that happening in the film. We’ll just have to see when the film finally release on home media.


Batman: Soul of the Dragon is busy promoting itself with a series of new screenshots. This animated film is set to be available for digital download on January 12, 2021. The 4k/Blu-ray combo pack will launch later on January 26, 2021. If you want to see everyone in Batman kung fu fighting with lots of open flames around, preorder it now on Amazon.

Source: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment