Want to know where you can finally get the fabled PS5 and Xbox Series S/X? Turns out, Best Buy is here to help. But you might still want to hurry with your wallet.

Best Buy with both next-gen consoles.
The Legendaries appear once more in limited stock.

Best Buy announced in their blog that they’re having a big 3-day sale, starting tomorrow on December 15, 2020. As part of this sale, they’re also announcing that they’re offering restocks of the now-legendary PS5 and both versions of the Xbox Series game consoles. Now hopefully, at least some of us will be able to get these next-gen consoles that everyone has been so hyped about.

Batman: "Where are they?!?!"
Even Batman can’t find any of those next-gen consoles.

The odd thing though is that Best Buy are not giving a specific time for when the sale goes live. To quote: “They will go live sometime after 8 a.m. Central Time.” That would be 6 AM PST for those of you living on the West Coast, and 9 AM EST for those of you living in, say, Washington D.C. The vague timeframe is more than a bit puzzling. Especially when you consider that the consoles disappear in seconds, even right as you’re trying to pay for them in the shopping cart.

"I almost had you bro!"
"You never had me. You never even had me in your cart."
Bots. Bots everywhere.

How to Best Buy a PS5 and/or a Xbox Series S/X

Best Buy logo.
Disappointment risk: high.

Yeah, without a specific time for when the sale goes live, it’s going to be really tough to be able to get one of these fabled next-gen consoles from Best Buy. I suppose they’re trying to combat the “gone within seconds” sales that’ve been happening. Not sure if this will solve it though. In any case, you can attempt to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series S/X through these links:


Best Buy is selling the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X through a 3-day sale they’re doing, starting tomorrow on December 15, 2020. However, they give no specific time for when the sale starts. They only tell you that the sale starts “sometime after 8 a.m. Central Time”. Welp, time to wake up early and man your computer through the entire morning. Because that’s probably going to be the case for many of you without a specific sale time.

Source: Best Buy Blog