If you haven’t played Star Wars: Republic Commando, it’s a great Star Wars game. It takes place during the events of the prequel trilogy. The story follows Delta Squad, a group of elite Clone Troopers through their battle on Geonosis, to a derelict Republic ship, finally to Kashyyyk. The game was a smash success on release, and is one of the most well-regarded tactical shooters of it’s generation. The game’s storyline might not be part of the Star Wars canon, but it’s squad members are. Led by RC-1138 (nice nod) or just ’38, who’s voiced by Temuera Morrison. Here’s where it gets awesome, because not all these Clones are voice by him.

Next up we have Scorch or ’62, the demolition expert and joker. Sev or ’07 is the sniper who ends up going missing during the climax of the game. Finally, we have Fixer or ’40, who is the hacker and tech expert. Usually this character in a squad would be the joker, but he’s super stern, like a commander would be.

They’re part of a long-running series of novels titled Republic Commando written by Karen Traviss. With the news from the Disney Investor Meeting about the upcoming Rangers of the New Republic show, you have to wonder why there isn’t more Republic Commando coming. We already have plenty of content coming out that’s set post-Return of the Jedi, why not more Clone Wars content?

Republic Commando was practically the basis for the show, they even showed up in the season three episode, “Watches of the Mist”. Our four squad members are each unique and fleshed out characters. I’m a big fan of the game. But even if we never get a sequel to the game, a show would be awesome as well.

Before You Ask, No They’re Not Too Similar To The Bad Batch

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You can tell completely different stories with each of these squads. The Bad Batch is animated, I’m talking a full-fledged live action series for Republic Commando. With all the dipping into books, comics, and other material that The Mandalorian is doing, why not this? Most of our Star Wars series focus on the heroes, the force-users, or bounty hunters. I want to see some more “everyday” stories. The Mandalorian has shown time and time again that we can get smaller action stories and they’ll still be awesome.

So I don’t know about you, but I wish Rangers of the New Republic was Republic Commando. I could be wrong, and Rangers of the New Republic is awesome. Let’s hope so.

I’d Take A New Republic Commando Game As A Compromise

If we can’t get the Star Wars version of Kelly’s Heroes as a show, I’ll take a sequel to the game. Star Wars: Battlefront II sort of laid some of the groundwork for this. If you get a great studio like DICE or another company that makes great first-person shooter games, it could be another smash. After all, the landscape for tactical shooters is kind of dead at the moment. It’s ripe for a resurrection and next-gen games like Cyberpunk 2077 and others that show how it’s possible to create huge, populated sci-fi worlds, I can only imagine what the game would look and play like.

In a world of dark and gritty shooters, it could just be what we all need.

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