Search the Internet long enough and you’re sure to find whatever Star Wars item you’re looking for (and likely a few that you’re not). From toys to collectibles to posters and apparel, there’s something Star Wars (even Nerf!) for everyone. Today, however, we’re here to tell you about the lightsaber lamp you didn’t know you need. Yes, that’s right. Now you can illuminate your own, personal geek lair with none other than the warm glow of electric s— (wait, wrong lamp). Whichever trilogy is your fancy, this lamp is a must have. Check out our unboxing video above to see it in action!

The Luke Skywalker lightsaber lamp comes to us from Robe Factory LLC. It’s available from our friends over at (now on sale, no less!) for the price of $94.99.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Lamp

lightsaber lamp

Here’s the official description from Toynk:

Bask in the blue glow of this Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Floor Lamp. Standing at an impressive 5 feet tall, this fandom-themed floor lamp banishes the Dark Side from your space. Inspired by the iconic Star Wars legacy lightsaber, this officially licensed mood light runs on electricity and comes with a remote control, allowing you to dim the lighting whenever you need a little more ambiance.

This standing lamp is the perfect room decor for multi-generational Star Wars households. For the lovers of the original trilogy, this is Luke’s lightsaber. For the generation of the prequels, this is Anakin’s lightsaber. [And] for our newest fans, this is Rey’s lightsaber. It is the Skywalker legacy, and now it can be yours.

lightsaber lamp

The lightsaber lamp is easy to assemble, with a wrench and instructions included. For those wanting to control it with the Force, you can! (Okay, from a certain point of view.) It even comes with a remote control with which you can turn the lamp on and off and also dim the glow. Just don’t, you know, go slaying any younglings with it. This lightsaber is for decorative purposes only.

You can view and purchase the lightsaber lamp from HERE.