The beauty of the Netflix Transformers series is that it took the story back to its G1 roots. It brought back and expanded on everything fans loved since the 80s. While a few names and personalities changed, it largely delivered on everything fans grew up with. Now for Transformers: Earthrise, take everything you know (or think you know) and chuck it out the window! Check out the Earthrise trailer below:

Earthrise Trailer: Rewriting What We Know

Having watched it a few times, I am still trying to wrap my mind around what happens. One thing looks crystal clear. Earthrise will take everything we think we know and stand it on end. In many ways this makes sense. Transformers started in 1984, and over 36 years they evolved time and again. One must sell toys after all, but when creators only use three seasons of roughly 6 episodes, storytellers must be quick.

Megatron turns into Galvatron according to canon and the 1987 movie, but in this series they appear to be two separate Transformers. This could indicate that while canon evolves the Transformers over time, this new Netflix series will use each transformer as its own entity. The possibilities become endless. This also makes the third installment’s use of the Beast Machines more plausible.

Earthrise Trailer – Returning to 1987

It appears this second installment will feature heavily on the 1987 Transformers movie. In the trailer we see the return of the Quintessons, Galvatron, and Unicron. The story will surely be different simply because there are more pieces on the board, but it still sets up some amazing confrontations for this season. In the first season writers proved anyone can be killed off. A staple of the Autobot resistance, Ultra Magnus now rusts in pieces, so we can bet a few more Autobots will fail to make it through this season.

Transformers: Earthrise drops on Netflix, December 30th. Get ready for some epic action!