If it wasn’t enough to have Jamie Foxx return as Electro, we’re getting a villain reunion in Spider-Man 3. Alfred Molina’s character from Sam Raimi’s 2004 Spider-Man 2 is making his grand return to Marvel. According to The Hollywood Reporter the actor has been seen on set, and is now confirmed for the film. So, we’ve got three generations of Spider-Man represented in this upcoming film. Raimi’s original with Molina, Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man with Foxx. Finally, you’re getting the newest in Tom Holland.

There’s more smoke to the fire of all three Spider-Men returning in this film. As it’s got Doctor Strange as a mentor, we might be seeing some Multi-Verse shenanigans with this film. Once again, it remains to be seen, just how we’re going to get all these new/old characters in the movie, but it’s setting up for a huge blend of characters across film universes.

Marvel and Sony had no comment on the matter, of course. We should be getting a lot of news from Marvel because of Disney’s Investors Call on Thursday.

We’ll have to see when the film comes out next year.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter