John Carpenter’s Lost Themes albums might be one of the best ideas ever. I’m being serious. We have a man that has created some of the best movie themes ever, and now he’s basically making three albums worth of movie themes. We had “Weeping Ghost” as the lead single from Lost Themes III, now it’s “The Dead Walk”.

Speaking of Lost Themes III: Alive After Death, the album releases February 5th, 2021. In a time where synthwave music is so popular, shows like Stranger Things, movies like Cold In July, and other media have taken good use to the “new-old” genre. John Carpenter adds his usual bravado and masterful talent here to the track, and it only makes me want the full release more.

The album is done by the trio of Carpenter, Daniel Davies, and Cody Carpenter. Here’s the track-list for the upcoming album.

  1. Alive After Death
  2. Weeping Ghost
  3. Dripping Blood
  4. Dead Eyes
  5. Vampire’s Touch
  6. Cemetery
  7. Skeleton
  8. Turning the Bones
  9. The Dead Walk
  10. Carpathian Darkness

I can totally imagine this being a theme for a long-lost Carpenter film out there, so the album’s concept is working.

This isn’t the only thing that John Carpenter has been working on though. He executive produced and made the music for the 2018 Halloween reboot. What about Halloween Kills? Carpenter is very much involved with the delayed sequel, and the finale of the trilogy Halloween Ends as well. 2021 is shaping up to be a very good year for John Carpenter fans.

So, what do you think of “The Dead Walk”?

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Source: Sacred Bones Records YouTube