Turns out, there are still plenty of people who think Johnny Depp really doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s been getting lately. Tim Burton seems to be one of those folks. Why else would he insist that Depp play Gomez Addams in his new The Addams Family reboot series for Netflix?

Eva Green and Johnny Depp as Morticia and Gomez Addams respectively.
Johnny Depp is in the house again!
(This is fan-made and not official)

A recent news report from Small Screen announced that Johnny Depp was still on the list of names Tim Burton wanted to play Gomez Addams in his new The Addams Family Netflix series. The reporting reporter didn’t name his source for privacy reasons. He would only give the source’s exact words as:

It’s full steam ahead on Netflix’s The Addams Family. Tim Burton wants Johnny Depp to play Gomez Addams. He thinks he would do the role justice.

The Relaunch of Johnny Depp’s Career?

Johnny Depp himself.
A rather scruffy phoenix, but he’ll do.

However, the reporter did mention that he confirmed the news about Johnny Depp. Not with the same source, mind you. No, he confirmed it with other trusted sources he’d worked with in the past before announcing it. One of the other sources had this to say about the whole deal:

Depp is in talks to star as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family. It was Tim Burton’s idea. It seems as though Netflix are the ones who have to be convinced.

All this confirmation makes it seem like a legit news story. It really does appear that Johnny Depp is in the running to be Gomez Addams. Even better, one of the trusted sources even added that Depp himself was very keen on the role. It makes perfect sense that he would be. Especially since his career looked to be going down the toilet after that libel case.

A reminder: this story about Johnny Depp has no official corroboration from either Tim Burton or Netflix. So it might be a good idea to take it with just a pinch of salt. But only just.

Just a pinch of salt man.
Just for taste.


Johnny Depp looks to be a strong contender for the role of Gomez Addams: eccentric patriarch of the Addams Family in Netflix‘s reboot of The Addams Family. Even better, Tim Burton wants him for that role, and wants him badly. It’s starting to look very much like Depp will be a phoenix rising out of the ashes of his sordid domestic affairs. Or at the very least, he’ll be a rather scruffy sparrow doing the same.

Source: Small Screen

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