You’re going to be able to finish 2020 with some Viking action. The final episodes of Vikings will stream on Amazon Prime before premiering on cable next year.

The History Channel series already aired the first half of its sixth and final season. The premiere date for the next set of episodes hasn’t been set on the History Channel yet. However, fans will be able to stream the episodes on Prime December 30.

The final ten episodes of Vikings will be available to stream to Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Ireland.

Executive producer and sole writer Michael Hirst promised surprises yet to come for Vikings fans.

“Our monumental Vikings saga is coming to its conclusion, but not before you’ve had the chance to watch some of my all-time favorite episodes,” said Hirst. “Prime Video will uniquely expose the series finale to a streaming audience first. Prepare to be astonished, and for many surprises along the way. And if you have tears to shed, then also be prepared to shed them.”

Fans last left Vikings at the conclusion of an epic battle that saw brother fight brother. As the end of the epic saga approaches, the conflict between the Rus and Vikings comes to a conclusion with grave consequences.

All ten episodes release at once, so you can binge your way into the new year.

Vikings season 6 logo

Vikings season 6 part 2 hits Amazon Prime December 30.

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