Commander 2020

If you’re in the market for some new Commander cards to go with that box of Commander Legends that you grabbed, here’s the deal for you. Commander 2020 was a pretty decent set of five decks. They ran the gamut of the Khans of Tarkir three-color wedges: Jeskai, Abzan, Sultai, Mardu, and Temur are all here. The normal price for the five of them is $130, but you’re getting all five for $90 plus tax. This is a great deal from Amazon, and Prime Members get free shipping.

The five decks are: Arcane Maelstrom, Enhanced Evolution, Ruthless Regiment, Symbiotic Swarm, and Timeless Wisdom. It’s not on the level of Commander 2017 or the original decks, but this is a great round of decks for anyone interested. You can also get the individual decks, but they’re not currently on sale like the overall package. All the sets have mechanics from the Ikoria set.

So now, you can finally play webcam EDH like the rest of us. Grab these sets today!

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