Lupin III: The First is a brand new anime movie starring the titular (in)famous thief in his first CGI adventure. The Blu-ray and DVD will be available on January 12, 2021. And now, it seems that we get a new bonus feature for them.

Lupin III: The First steelbook edition.
More features on top of this?

Shout! Factory and GKIDS announce that they’ve put in a brand new bonus feature on the Blu-ray/DVD release of Lupin III: The First. This feature is apparently an English Dub Cast Reunion. It’s exactly as it sounds on the tin.

Lupin III: The First: Extra Bonus Feature Incoming

Lupin III: The First Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.
The less expensive version, but all the special features are still on it.

The English Dub Cast Reunion will feature the English dub cast of the Lupin III anime series getting together for a reunion. The cast will reminisce about the anime as a whole, and the best moments in the series. In addition, they’ll also discuss the movie, and talk about what makes this particular anime movie fresh and exciting. Not just for longtime fans of Lupin III, but also for newcomers to the anime.

You might ask: so who’s exactly in this English Dub Cast Reunion feature? Well, as it turns out: quite a few of them. Tony Oliver, Doug Erholtz, Michelle Ruff, Richard Epcar, and Lex Lang will reunite both for this bonus feature and for the anime movie proper. For those of you unfamiliar with them, they voice Lupin III, Inspector Zenigata, Fujiko Mine, Daisuke Jigen, and Goemon Ishikawa III respectively. They’ve been voicing Lupin III since the very beginning, so it’s nice to see them reunite here.

In addition, Laurie C. Hymes and Paul Guyet, who voices characters unique to Lupin III: The First, will be joining the main cast for this bonus feature. It’s a meeting between the old stars and the new. It’s a nice touch for a Lupin III anime movie that has a lot of firsts to its name.

Not a trace of traditional animation anywhere.


The Blu-ray/DVD release of Lupin III: The First just got a brand new bonus feature on top of all the others. This bonus feature will feature the main voice actors reuniting for this anime movie. If you want to check out what they have to say, catch the Blu-ray/DVD version on January 12, 2021 on Amazon or Shout! Factory‘s website; before it runs away on you. Or if you don’t care about special features, you can download the movie digitally on December 15, 2020.

Source: Shout! Factory