From tonight’s A Very Special G4 Holiday Reunion Special on YouTube, we got lots of nostalgia. We also got word of a new host for the upcoming relaunch of the network. Now, we know that WWE Superstar and member of The New Day, Xavier Woods is joining the network. The real-life Austin Creed joined after an appearance on the special.

Kevin Sabbe, Head of Content for G4 had this to say.

We could not be happier to welcome Xavier to the family and introduce the first member of G4’s new cast. The list of on-air talent with advanced degrees in psychology, unbridled passion for video games and multiple WWE Tag Team Championships is not long. We loved Xavier’s creative #Creed4G4 campaign and cannot wait to showcase his many talents throughout G4’s developing slate of programming. Xavier stands as a fantastic first representative of an exciting and diverse team that we are assembling for G4 and will be introducing in the coming weeks and months.

Kevin Sabbe

Following this, Xavier Woods made a major push after G4 posted that they were searching for hosts. His hashtag #Creed4G4 went viral on Twitter and it definitely got the eyes of the network. He had this to say about it.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect #Creed4G4 to gain so much momentum among WWE fans and gamers alike. As a lifelong video game fanatic, I have always held a genuine affinity for the G4 brand and I’m honored and humbled to be joining the G4 team at a time when interest in gaming and the gaming community has never been stronger.

You can watch the special here on the G4 YouTube channel. It also remains to be seen whether Woods is going to continue his work with WWE. Recently, they’ve shown that performers who double dip aren’t treated as well. Because of this they fired Zelina Vega for having an OnlyFans account after they mandated that performers delete third-party accounts.

So, what do you think of this news? Are you excited to see Xavier Woods work with G4?

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