If you’ve been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for Doctor Who to drop a trailer for “Revolution of the Daleks”…me too.

And we’re going to keep waiting on anything full length, apparently. (GIVE ME THE TRAILER, BBC!!)

BUT, we do have some exciting news: Captain Jack Harkness will be back!

Captain Jack briefly returned in the series 12 episode “Fugitive of the Judoon.” But now we can expect to see him again in “Revolution of the Daleks.” The season finale concluded with the Judoon appearing to arrest the Doctor and send her to some kind of space prison. And that’s exactly where she is when we pick up with “Revolution of the Daleks.”

During New York Comic Con, Mandip Gill (Yaz) said the holiday special would see Team Tardis trying to face off with a Dalek without the Doctor’s help. (Because of the aforementioned space prison stint.) So now the question is…will Jack be helping the fam on Earth, or helping the Doctor organize a jailbreak?

John Barrowman himself seemed to imply it’s the latter.

“Putting on Jack’s coat and setting foot back on the set of Doctor Who was just like going back home. It’s always thrilling to play Captain Jack. He’s a character very close to my heart who changed my life, and to know the fans love him as much as I do makes his return even sweeter. I hope everyone enjoys Jack’s heroic adventure with Thirteen,” said Barrowman.

Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, wearing a red jumpsuit and knocking on a wall filled with tally marks in "Revolution of the Daleks"

“With Thirteen” does seem to imply Jack will actually get to meet this incarnation of the Doctor in the holiday special. (For real this time – his series 12 appearance only had him run into the Doctor’s companions.)

Doctor Who managed to film “Revolution of the Daleks” before the pandemic, which is why we’ll still get to see the Doctor around the holidays this year. However, the series didn’t start working on the upcoming season before the pandemic closures. Unfortunately, that means fans are definitely looking at another long break between this special and series 13.

BBC America recently announced Doctor Who had begun filming again. However, this is another good news, bad news situation. Due to COVID-related safety restrictions to filming, the upcoming series will be shorter than its predecessors. BBC America said series 13 will contain only 8 episodes.

Source: BBC America