It’s official, COVID-19 continues to make 2020 worse. How else do you explain Sony’s announcement that they will not be making PS5 available in stores on launch day?

Well, time to play “Blame COVID-19” again.

To be fair though, it makes sense for Sony to make this announcement. We’ve got the second wave of COVID-19 slamming into us, so it does make sense why Sony will not make the PS5 available in stores to purchase. Instead, Sony will make the PS5 buyable from online retailers only.

PS5 prices for both versions.
Now in online and online.

This is good-ish news. Now hopefully, they won’t mess that up like they did with the preorders.

PS5 Preorder Hijinks: Brought to You by Sony

PS5 dumpster fire of September 2020.
Well, at least it’ll keep you warm through the winter.

Remember the fiasco that accompanied the PS5 preorders back in September? Well, that chaotic series of unfortunate events resulted in scalpers pretty much buying up the entire stock of PS5s at the time, and then selling them at vastly inflated prices. How inflated, you may ask? Apparently, the average bid went for double the PS5’s listed price, and often went all the way up to around $2000 USD. Good job, Sony. Way to build confidence in your fanbase. Although to be fair, they did apologize for that. Sort of.

It seems Sony has a British sense of humor.

Hopefully, Sony has learned from that fiasco and will make the PS5’s launch a bit less chaotic. Hopefully.


Sony has officially announced that they won’t even attempt to stock stores with PS5s. You know, because of a certain pandemic hitting the world. Instead, the only way you can get a PS5 on November 12 (November 19 for everywhere outside the USA) is from online retailers. Fingers crossed. But even if Sony messes up again though, I beg of you: please don’t feed the scalpers.

Please don't feed the scalpers!
No matter how cute they look, don’t feed them.

You’ll only encourage them.

Source: Screen Rant