Moon Knight

In a bit of breaking news this morning, Deadline reported that Oscar Isaac is in negotiations for the character of Moon Knight. The series, which was long gestating, has had trouble finding a lead. The character isn’t one of the most well known in the Marvel Comics sphere. However, he is a very popular one among comic book fans. Jeremy Slater, who wrote the adaptation of The Umbrella Academy is the writer for the series.

In case you’re wondering just who Moon Knight is, he’s a supernatural character with many identities. He draws power from the Egyptian god Knonshu. He’s a mercenary of sorts and an anti-hero in the Marvel Comics universe. His real name is Marc Spector.

This casting choice is very interesting from multiple standpoints. One, Oscar Isaac has recently voiced his displeasure with Disney during the filming of the Star Wars sequels. So it’s a bit strange that he would go back to that Disney well once again. But money talks and Disney might realize that Isaac is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now. He’s got another big budget sci-fi film coming up in Dune.

He also starred in X-Men: Apocalypse, which was a film plagued by issues. But that was a Fox film and not Disney.

With Disney and Marvel leaning into the storytelling power of Disney+, this move is a huge one that gets another big name actor in the Marvel sphere.

We’ll have to see where this news goes, but this is definitely huge for fans of Moon Knight.

Source: Deadline