The original Fright Night is one of, if not my favorite horror movie ever. The original film by Tom Holland stands the test of time. That’s why this news coming straight from the man himself is so exciting.

Now most of the original cast is still alive, aside from Roddy McDowall, so they’re going to have to find a new Peter Vincent. It’s strange that he would mention Rosario Dawson in particular. I’m not sure what part she would play in the script reading. Perhaps they’re gender bending Peter Vincent? Who knows, but all I know is that this is a great 2020 Halloween treat for all.

I’ve written a couple times about things involving Fright Night this Fright-A-Thon, including about Jerry Dandridge and the sequel, Fright Night Part II. As with all the other virtual script readings we’ve had throughout 2020, this one seems like it’ll be no different. Pure simple fun with a cast that hasn’t been together in forever. As for the original Fright Night, it’s a pretty perfect movie to do for this. The Princess Bride was one of the most fun for this type of thing.

Why Fright Night Transcends The 80’s Horror Tag

Fright Night

On the surface, Fright Night should be a relic of it’s time. From the outfits, to the music, to the setting, it’s all very 80’s. But at the heart of the film is the relationship that builds between Peter Vincent and Charley. That’s really what the film is about. It would have been a nice 80’s horror movie without Peter, but with him, you have the classic film that it is. It’s a shame that Roddy McDowall isn’t alive to do this script reading, but we’ll have to hope whoever fills his shoes does the part justice.

The Fright Night remake might get a bad rap, but for what it’s worth, that film did what remakes SHOULD do. It didn’t just retread the same material and basically plagiarize the source. It changed up the formula a bit, and modernized the story. Now Colin Farrell and David Tennant might not be Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall, but they did a damn good job. That remake showed just how much you can do with a great setup for a story like Fright Night.

At the end of the day, Fright Night is one of the most accessible and fun horror flicks out there. I hope you join me, and the rest of the cast of Fright Night on Halloween’s eve for this celebration of the original film.

Who do you think they’re going to have play Peter Vincent in this script reading?

This was a shorter edition of Fright-A-Thon, but make sure to check out the other articles in the series for all the horror/Halloween content you could ever want.