If you’ve played the Uncharted games, you know just how awesome they are. The movie that they announced long ago, went through hell and back, but is finally coming out. Tom Holland is portraying Nathan Drake. Here’s the first look at what his character looks like.

In this film, we’re not getting the Drake from the video games however. It’ll be a younger, less wise, Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg stars opposite of Holland as his mentor Sully. We don’t have a look at Wahlberg as that character yet, but let’s hope he has his trademark mustache.

The Uncharted film is supposed to release July 16, 2021. My guess is that the movie will echo the best qualities of the video games. After all, the games felt like playing a bigger budget, more action filled, version of Indiana Jones. For fans disappointed that Nolan North, the voice-actor for Nathan Drake, didn’t portray him, North had good things to say about Holland.

The film is shooting as we speak and after that Tom Holland goes right off into filming Spider-Man 3. So it’ll be an exciting couple months for all of us and Mr. Holland.

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Source: Tom Holland’s Instagram