Last month Netflix dropped a teaser to their Christmas hit from 2018, Christmas Chronicles. Now they finally released the full Christmas Chronicles 2 trailer and gave us some insight into not only the plot behind the sequel but also the baddie. This time the baddie goes down as ‘the kid who killed Deadpool! Check it out:

The Clauses Return!

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hahn return as Mr and Mrs Claus to once more fight to save Christmas. Little Kate, played by Darby Camp, returns all grown up, but this time with her prospective step-brother in tow. Russell alone will make this a must watch movie. He stole the show in the original and remains the only man capable of pulling off Santa singing Elvis in jail. He looks to only get better as now he can play off his real life partner Goldie Hahn. Her sarcastically sharp wit should foil Russell perfectly.

Christmas Chronicles 2 Trailer – First Deadpool, Now Santa!

We are introduces to the ‘star’ of the sequel in the form of the Christmas Star. Its magic conceals and protects Santa-town and the elves, so naturally someone is going to steal it. Enter Bellsnickel. When I first heard santa say that, I thought it was a kid friendly version of saying Bull****, but nope. That is the kid’s name, and does that kid look familiar? He should. Its actor Julian Dennison who played Firefist in Deadpool 2 – the kid that killed Deadpool! His snot-nosed, kid with an over-inflated attitude shtick looks to play perfectly into this series.

The other recurring baddie looks just as interesting from a different vantage point is the Yule Cat. He shows up a few times in the trailer, so it must have a bigger role than just a throw away animal. The CGI on the creature looks very good.

I can’t wait for this to hit Netflix. It drops November 25th, 2020.