It’s time Ranger Nation! With the looming of 2 parallel series coming from BOOM! Studios we finally get a glimpse of our NEW GREEN RANGER!


The Rangers are on the ropes vs Zedd and his Dark Rangers. Now with their own TerrorZords, the battle of 6 vs 5 is still in dire straights.

TerrorZords are just a place holder as they don’t really have any mechanical properties like zords, but they are a terror to look at! We aren’t completely sure how the New Green Ranger is going to factor into the equation. but it looks like they will be a last-ditch effort when the team have their backs up against the wall! and how this will tie into the next UNLIMITED POWER storyline? Your guess is as good as mine! Seriously did you double-check to see if this is in your pull list?

Oh, the Covers: The Green Ranger and more!

The Cover Art and variants don’t stop, including a feature of the Green Ranger!

Are you just as excited about this new Green Ranger as we are? do you have any idea who he could be? I have so many questions and theories about these Rangers before the new stories I think my Morpher might explode! Make sure to check your Local Comic Shop NEXT WEEK on OCT 21!

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