It’s time for NYCC 2020! And for this panel, we bring you a brand new, never-before-seen clip from Hulu’s reboot of Animaniacs. Ready the nostalgia, folks. You’re about to get a big dose of it.

Just in case you lose your place: the clip starts at 18:41.

That one Animaniacs clip was only about a minute and a half long, but it was the best minute and a half of my day today. The clip proves that the Warner Bros. (and Warner sister) still got it. If they can keep up this quality of humor, I’d happily throw money at Disn-I mean, Hulu, to watch their reboot of the timeless Animaniacs.

Welcome to Animaniacs

The Animaniacs up to their old hijinks again, but in HD.
We spared no expense.

Oh my god, the parodies just kept coming in this Animaniacs clip. The Jurassic Park parody was epic: complete with that iconic Jurassic Park theme music running in the background the entire time. I expected the main characters from Jurassic Park to show up, of course. This is a parody of that movie. While Ian Malcolm didn’t quite sound like Jeff Goldblum, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler sound almost exactly like Sam Neill and Laura Dern respectively. It really made me wonder if Animaniacs brought back some of the original cast of Jurassic Park to voice (well, re-voice) their roles just for this parody. It’d be great if they did.

However, the last thing I expected was for an animated Steven Spielberg to also show up in place of John Hammond in this Animaniacs clip. There’s something exceptionally fitting about him playing that role. However, the very last thing I expected was for an animated Hulu executive to show up as the money-grubbing lawyer. That kind of self-referential and self-defacing humor? Would not expect that from Dis-I mean, Hulu. If they keep this up, they might even develop a sense of humor.


That one minute and a half-long Animaniacs clip NYCC 2020 showed us proves that the Warner Bros. (and don’t forget the Warner sister) still got it. Seriously, if that one short clip could make me break out in laughter multiple times, I can wait to see what the actual show will be like. Catch it on Hulu in November 20, 2020.

Source: NYCC 2020