The Expanse, season 5 panel at NYCC 2020
The Expanse, season 5 panel at NYCC 2020

At NYCC 2020, Amazon Prime‘s The Expanse panel dropped a trailer for the upcoming Season 5 of the hit science-fiction show. The cast reunited for a virtual session with the show writers to bring fans in on what to expect in the coming conflict between Earth, Mars and The Belt.

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Moderating the panel was Dominique Tipper, who portrays Belter Naomi Nagata, along with fellow Roci crew members Steven Strait (James Holden) and Wes Chatham (Amos Burton). Joining them was Cara Gee (Camina Drummer), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avarasala), Frankie Adams (Bobbie Draper), along with story authors Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and show runner Naren Shankar.

Expanse panel nycc 2020
NYCC 2020 The Expanse panel

It was unanimous among the star-studded panel that season 5 will deliver the best of The Expanse story so far, and promised it would be the “most epic and most personal” story yet. While details were low on what exactly that means, Naren Shankar gave us the over-arching theme we can expect in the next installment of The Expanse:

“We always put the big theme on the board, and this year it was, ‘You reap what you sow.’ That is every story line in one fashion or another.”

Naren Shankar, NYCC 2020

Where did The Expanse, Season 4 leave us?

Spoiler Alert: This section contains spoilers for The Expanse, season 4. Skip this section if you haven’t watched it yet!

David Strathairn as Ashford, The Expanse
David Strathairn as Ashford, The Expanse

The end of season 4 eliminated some stalwart characters. The redeemed Klaes Ashford (played by David Straitharn) met a heroic, yet tragic, end in the vacuum of space after not killing Inaros when he had the chance. However, his legacy will live on when Camina Drummer (my favorite character on the show) finds his lost ship in the new trailer. Detective Miller (played by Thomas Jane) seemingly also is gone for good after inhabiting a weird chunk of metal that doesn’t react well to alien technology. That leaves Holden as the only one remaining who keeps focus on the protomolecule and those who created it.

Season 4 debuted a new villain in the form of renegade Belter Marco Inaros, portrayed by Keon Alexander.
Season 4 debuted a new villain in the form of renegade Belter Marco Inaros, portrayed by Keon Alexander. What does he have in store for the Roci crew in season 5?

A season 4 thread that sets up a big reveal is Martian Bobbie Draper (played by Frankie Adams) finding out there is a massive corruption scandal crossing into the highest levels of government. Finally, the events on Ilus gave us Murtry (played by Burn Gorham). Even though he isn’t dead, you never know where his bloodthirsty ways and hatred of Amos may pop up again.

What do we know about the story so far in Season 5?

If the show follows the source material, this season will likely pull parts of the next novel in sequence. Nemesis Games, by James S.A. Corey is the most critically-acclaimed so far. This book carries on the story of the increased galactic tumult growing among humanity. The control of the major planetary powers continues to erode as more people leave Earth, Mars and The Belt for the unknown fortunes behind the Protomolecule Ring Gates. The menace of attack from Marco Inaros and his Free Navy with a stealth asteroid threatens any thread of peace remaining.

Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey cover art
Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey cover art

The new trailer shows that The Expanse season 5 will also delve into the personal lives of the cast. Naomi’s past comes back to haunt her as she searches for her son. Alex makes an ill-advised visit to his wife on Mars. Fan-favorite sociopath Amos heads back to Baltimore on Earth to face his personal demons. Avarasala looks out on a new life of not being in charge of the planet anymore; a position she is not used to being in.

“It was getting to take each individual member of the show that we’ve fallen in love with over four seasons, where we really got a good sense of who they are as people, and then peeling back the layers and exposing the crucibles which those people were formed. Can the person they’ve become survive the most high-pressure situations they’ve ever been in in their life? Can they come through with their ideals and principles intact?”

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The Expanse, season 5 will feature ten episodes in all. The first three will release together on December 16th. The explosive season finale will air on February 3rd, 2021. What do you think, Hashtaggers? Are you excited for he new season of The Expanse?

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