A lot of things seem to be going on with Disney’s Spider-Man 3. Recently it was revealed that Dr. Strange will have a part in the upcoming movie. Now via, FandomWire it has been revealed that previously Sony Spider-Men actors Toby Maguire, and Andrew Garfield may return.


According to the report the two are currently only in talks. So the possibility of the actors returning is far from guaranteed. It was revealed not long ago that actor Jamie Foxx will apparently be returning as Electro. There is no word yet on if Jamie Foxx will be reprising the Electro he played in Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, or if he will be playing a new version of the character.

Jamie Fox as Electro in Sony’s Amazing Spiderman 2

Sony’s Spider-Verse

We already now that Sony is trying to build a Spider-Man universe. An MCU series of interconnected filmed focused solely on Spider-Man and his characters. Now it appears their plans are much bigger. It appears their plan is to create a Spider-Verse.

One that includes all past live action versions. With Dr. Strange set to appear, and various actors now confirmed or rumored to appear in Spider-Man 3. It seems more and more that it will be a bridge movie. Bridging the MCU with Sony’s planed Spider-Man universe.

Likely this is an attempt to find a way keep Tom Holland on once the deal between Sony and Marvel runs out.

Previously the deal ran out after Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, Marvel and Sony were able to come to an agreement that allowed for at least one more movie. Once the film comes out the two will have to re-negotiate their shared rights. Sony may be using Spider-Man 3 to explain Tom Holland jumping from MCU to SCU.

With so many Raimi and Web actors returning something is definitely going on with Spider-Man 3.