Live Steam of IDW Sonic panel

Today via the New York Comic Comic Metaverse we got a panel with the creators of the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic. During the panel, the team discussed their future plans for the books. The various spin-off books, and gave us some exclusive info on future books, plots, and characters.

The first thing revealed during the panel was a new character, named Belle. Belle has orange skin, a green Pinocchio hat, green overalls, a pink shirt, and a large pink clown-like noise. What makes Belle unique is that Belle is a robot made of wood. The team said they thought it would be a fun idea. Stating “we have lots of robots, none of them are made out of wood.” It was stated that plans are to be in place to explore this new idea of living puppet characters. Belle is coming soon to Sonic comics.

Cover for IDW’s Sonic Bad Guys #1

Sonic Bad Guys is a new book that focuses on a group of Sonic villains. According to the team, they were inspired to show the long-standing Sonic idea of ‘the real superpower of teamwork’ on its head. They stated that the book would focus on the chaos brought by bringing these characters.

New Story Lines

Discussed next where the upcoming storylines. One storyline is called ‘Test Run’. It will star Sonic, Amy, and Tails infiltrating a towel where Eggman conducts experiments with new technology. The story will focus on the three trying to escape; while Tangle and Belle work to take down the tower from the outside.

After that the story will be the fallout from the Metal Virus storyline. The storyline will focus on the unaccounted for Zeti. So, what do you think of the new direction for Sonic and his comics?

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