The news from New York Comic Con is flying off the presses right now. In another big annoucement, HBO Max is adding a Green Lantern show. Now this might not be what you’re expecting though. All those famous Lanterns over the years are likely to be skipped over for this one. At least in the first season. HBO Max ordered a 10 episode season with the option for more. Deadline reports that Seth Grahame-Smith will showrun and split writing duties with Marc Guggenheim. Grahame-Smith made his name working on The Lego Batman Movie and was attached to the upcoming The Flash film for a long while. Guggenheim co-created the CW show Arrow and was a writer on the 2011 Green Lantern film.

The show will focus on lesser known Lanterns in the DC universe. So luminaries like Hal Jordan or John Stewart probably won’t be making an appearance unless the show gets another season. Instead they’ll be focusing on characters like Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Alan Scott. With Scott being the Earth’s first Green Lantern. Other characters like Sinestro and Kilawog are said to be making appearances as well.

There’s no word on any casting or any other information. But this is a pretty big deal for WarnerMedia’s move into the television/streaming sphere. They launched HBOMax earlier this year, and while it has a huge library of content, it had very little original content when it launched. Now with shows like the upcoming Green Lantern and Peacemaker starring John Cena, they’ll be able to rival the efforts of Disney+ and their Marvel and Star Wars library.

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Source: Deadline