We have already reported about Sins of the Future (CLICK HERE) being a big change from the Power Rangers narrative. With less than a month before it hits shelves BOOM! Studios give us another tantalizing tease of what’s to come!

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 7, 2020) – BOOM! Studios, under license by Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), today revealed a brand new look at the original graphic novel POWER RANGERS: SINS OF THE FUTURE, written by Matthew Erman (Bonding), with story by Trey Moore (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), illustrated by Giuseppe Cafaro (Saban’s Power Rangers: Soul of The Dragon), and lettered by Ed Dukeshire. This all-new graphic novel, available on October 28, 2020, features two of the most popular Rangers of all time and what happens to them after the events of the hit Power Rangers: Time Force television series!

When Jen returns from the future, she and Wes are attacked by a mysterious stranger who has dire news — the timelines have been altered with deadly consequences and Jen is to blame! The shocking identity of their accuser sets them on a collision path with an enemy they never expected.

Can Jen and Wes survive the threats to their pasts, presents and futures? Or will it be the end of everything as they know it?

Press Release coutresy of BOOM! Studios

Can Love Conquer All Or DESTROY IT!?

So Jen gets the ultimatum to cut ties with Wes and to start her next opportunity with nonother than the HYPER FORCE team! This has to put a huge strain on Jen as she must decide duty over love. Wes has set up this endearing date for Jen then next time she comes to visit. But the timeline has changed now clocktower is intact rather than when I was destroyed End of Time PART 2.

A Happy Homecoming?

During this heartwarming reunion. We get a party crasher clad in Black! Yes, Rangers, it’s Cloe the Time Force Black Ranger! We get a great view of her with her weapon, here. The design fits perfectly with the TF aesthetic but with that choice of color makes it feel as though the situation is dire in the future!

I have to say where ever this story is going I’ll be ready DAY 1 to get my hands on this book! How about you? Let us know in the comments below? You can also talk about this over on The Official THS Facebook. You can even follow along over on my page Off the Cuff Gaming

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