One of, if not the greatest guitarists of all-time has died. Eddie Van Halen, the guitarist for Van Halen has succumbed to throat cancer at the age of 65. TMZ is reporting that the guitarist died earlier today at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica.

If you’ve listened to rock music at all, at any point, ever, you know who Eddie Van Halen is. No matter if you like or dislike the music that he plays, he’s one of the most influential musicians of all-time. Thousands or maybe millions of musicians have picked up a guitar because of him. Eddie was battling cancer for years now, and it’s at least a feeling of solace to know that he’s not suffering any longer.

He’s survived by his wife, Janie, and his son Wolfgang. Van Halen was at one point the biggest musical act on the planet. They began in Pasadena, CA playing to some of the most raucous house parties in the area. They quickly moved up the ladder of music and became the multi-million dollar recording artist of today.

We reported earlier in the year about David Lee Roth stating that Eddie was unlikely to tour. I can’t imagine an artist in the modern day who has touched more music fans across the spectrum and the world than Van Halen. They are the ultimate in crossover appeal to men, women, kids, whoever. Everyone knows who Van Halen was, and Eddie was one of, if not the biggest part.

If you loved Eddie’s music, give it an extra loud listen today. We could all use the magic and power of Van Halen right now.

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Source: TMZ