The NXT power couple have done it again. At NXT Takeover 31 on Saturday, Gargano and LeRae both wore Star Wars inspired gear. You can see in the tweet above, that they’re both inspired by the most popular new character from The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano. The two aren’t strangers to wearing pop culture inspired gear, with Johnny usually having a comic book or pop culture inspired gear.

The real winner was LeRae’s gear though. Her’s brought out the most of the young Jedi. While they both didn’t succeed in their matches for the NXT Women’s Championship and the NXT US Championship, the gear they wore went a long way at impressing.

With season two of The Mandalorian coming up, there’s lots of speculation about whether or not Ahsoka Tano is going to be in the show. There’s also a lot of speculation about the identity on the show of another WWE superstar, Sasha Banks.

The show premieres on October 30th, so we’ll get all the answers we want shortly after that. So, what do you think of Gargano and LeRae’s ring gear?

I was hoping that one or both of them would win. It’s up in the air what both of their roles on NXT will be going forward. Could you see them putting either of them on the main roster?

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Source: Candice LeRae’s Twitter