The movie version of the Monster Hunter games by Paul W. S. Anderson seems to be releasing earlier than we thought. At least, according to a teaser trailer Sony just released.

Short but sweet. And with lots of sand.

Back in July, Sony claimed to be pushing back Monster Hunter‘s release date from September 4 all the way to April 23 of next year. However, Sony appears to be contradicting their previous statement with this teaser trailer. Said trailer clearly states at the very end, after all the explosions and gunfire have ended, that Monster Hunter will head to theaters in December.

Monster Hunter: Hunting the Exact Wording

Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa running through a desert in Monster Hunter.
Exact wording hunters scenting their prey.

See, here’s the thing: the Monster Hunter teaser only says that it will come to theaters in “December”. It doesn’t mention the year. Yes, people assume that the December statement means December 2020. However, it could just as easily mean December 2021. Or even December 2022. The fact is, until we get more confirmation from Sony, we just won’t know for certain when we’ll finally get to see Milla Jovovich and co. kick ass in Monster Hunter. Let’s just hope that this video game movie isn’t like the previous ones.

And that’s not even going into the whole “Only in theaters” part of that teaser. Sony would be placing an awfully large amount of bets on that little pandemic dying down enough by December 2020 for people to want to watch Monster Hunter in theaters, if we assume that the “December” is the December of this year. This makes it even less likely that December is for this year, and will likely be the December of next year.

Of course, without any official confirmation from Sony, this is all just baseless speculation. So here’s some complimentary salt for you.

Ancient fine sea salt.
Mm, prehistoric salt.


This new Monster Hunter teaser trailer may give us a release date of December. However, Sony failed to provide us with a year. I encourage you all to remember the Exact Words trope when watching this teaser.

Source: Deadline