Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the City, and Younger is BACK with new, “sexy” drama! The new Netflix Original Series, Emily in Paris is a fish out of water story about a girl named Emily who is given the job opportunity of a lifetime – a promotion to work as the Social Media liaison for a Marketing Firm in Paris for a year! Sounds like a dream, right?! However, she’s super American, speaks zero French, and is wildly unprepared for the French lifestyle! 

Darren Star called this show his “love letter to Paris” and it shows. The series was filmed in Paris and every scene is picturesque. The fashion is incredible, and the food and drinks look delectable. When Emily eats a French Baguette for the first time her face says it all. You’ve never had bread until you’ve eaten it in France. It’s transformative. 


Sacrebleu To You

When we first meet Emily, she’s an aspiring Ad Agent in a “we’re basically engaged” relationship, who’s ready to blow up her life and head off to find adventure in the great wide somewhere. Lily Collins takes on the lead role and is charming, savvy, and incredibly clever. However, the role of Emily is the least interesting of the bunch. Not unlike Elena, in The Vampire Diaries.

During Emily’s adventure, we meet many interesting characters such as the sexy Gabriel, a chef with a long-term girlfriend. Cami, the super adorable, fun-loving girlfriend – and her brother (yikes!). Mindy, a Chinese expat heiress, who becomes Emily’s BFF while in Paris. And the bumbling knuckleheads who work with her at the Marketing Firm. However, for some reason – outside of the shockingly tame love triangle – you don’t really learn much about any of them and the characters become somewhat one dimensional and thrown away.

They Could Have Made It More Risque

I have two big qualms with this series. One, if you’re Darren Star and bringing me a sexy, drama based in Paris GIVE ME A SEXY, DRAMA BASED IN PARIS! I’m not even asking for Sexy and the City level. At least give me Younger level of sexy drama. The CW is more scandalous. Every moment in this series is wildly tame knowing who created this show. 

My other issue with the show is the lack of consequences. In every episode, Emily runs into an issue she created because she’s American. However, by the end of the episode, everything is magically fixed with zero consequences. How is she supposed to learn and grow as a person? Is this series really going to be about how these magnificent Parisians can only learn from Emily and not the other way around? If the show gets a season 2 I’m gonna need this fixed ASAP.

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