Wait, what? You might be asking yourself how Jamie Foxx can be in this current version of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Well I don’t exactly know the answer to that. But The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jamie Foxx is making his MCU debut in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 as Electro. He previously played the villain in Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The current release date for the joint venture by Sony and Marvel is currently slated for November 5th, 2021. With the delays hitting the MCU due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that date may change. This is an utterly huge development for the Spider-Man franchise though. It’ll be interesting to see if they recognize that Foxx’s Electro existed in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marvel films have not generally recognized previous versions of the characters that they acquire back. Spider-Man is the exception to that though.

Sony still owns the film rights to the character and simply loans them to Marvel to make for their films. This is sure to fan the flames that Sony is going for a live-action Spider-Verse film though. With J.K. Simmons returning as J. Jonah Jameson at the end of Far From Home, this is now the second returning actor from the Sony films.

As THR states, story developments are under wraps, but we’ll keep you updated on this news as it develops.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter