WW 84
WW 84 begins leads to the movie!

Wonder Woman has sat in the wings for some time now. When it releases who can tell, but until then DC Comics released a lead in comic to the movie called WW84 1. This comic sets up the opening to the movie and reads like a one-shot. Inside we se the museum where Diana Prince works and it happens to be the day Barbara Minerva starts work at the museum.

The story is pretty simple. Diana shows three kids around the museum, showing them ancient weapons and armor. These three are not exactly honor students. One does drugs while the girl of the group duck taped a bully’s car to a sign post. Diana then chimes in with a very heavy handed speech about finding better ways to deal with things, but the kids do not trust adults and only half-heartedly agree with her.

A bunch of armed thieves then break into the museum and steal a large diamond. When Diana runs off to become Wonder Woman, the three kids attack the gunmen instead of hide. Not the most realistic response in this situation. Wonder Woman and the kids bring down all the criminals, and Diana then praises them on their actions. Short and sweet.

WW84 1 – A Younger Audience

This really feels like a comic aimed at the younger kids. The animation looks fine, but it comes across very simplistic with blocky shading. Also, the dialog and actual story layout stay extremely simple. Wonder Woman’s main title reads much better than this one shot; However, this is a movie tie-in. It feels nice to finally immerse yourself in something related to this movie since the movie itself keeps getting pushed back. Studio execs must be kicking themselves for not sticking to their pre-covid release dates.

Check out WW84 and get a feel for what will eventually hit the big screen.