While the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers battle Lord Zedd’s DARK RANGERS, the Omega Rangers come face to face with an ALL-NEW ENEMY! One that threatens to destroy all life in the galaxy… and already has a head start!


Jason, Zach, and Trini were trying to save the inhabitants of a doomed planet when they came across a big bad on a cosmic level. The kind we have never seen before!

During the battle, we find out this four-armed BAMF is called “The EMPYREAL” a being that is a is one of the Servants of Creation. As the fight goes on while he’s totally throwing around our rangers. He explains how old he is and how he fought the original team of Omega Rangers and Emissaries. Following up that he measure times not in hours days but in MILLENIA!

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

The rangers call their weapons, all while the Empyreal explains that death is just another part of life. The odd thing that stood out is who he judged the planet’s life as not righteous. THIS pisses Zach off and asks how he can be judge and executioner. Each ranger has a turn trying to do some damage. but Trini hits a floating rock put in the way. Jason gets slapped away and complains about all the debris when one suddenly comes to life and grabs him tight! Zach luckily got in a hit, but the Empyreal chose to return the favor with a flurry of hits.

The Rangers Battle Wages On

XI, on the ship even assists, sends a barrage of ballistics at the enemy, to no luck. Eventually, the Empyreal shows off some of his powers and creates a lava monster. Prompting the Rangers to call on their zords. This for me was a bit of a cringe moment as they took a single cell on the page to make a joke. Wondering WHERE the zords come from. I’m about the quips but when the feeling of the book is dire and severe. That one speech bubble killed my reader flow.

Zach suggests going Megazord almost instantly but Jason says that the monster is bigger in size and they have the speed advantage. Again, have were ever seen the OmegaMEGAzord? Not yet! Plus, how could they when they are short one elemental force?

Back to the battle, each ranger does a zord specific special attack. First Zach then Jason all too little to no success, when Trini shows up with this Iron Man-Esque Spectral Blast, that could be seen from space!

The Creature and the Empyreal vanish. They don’t know if that’s a win or a loss and return to the ship. Trini tries to console the Grovinos on the ship while Zach tries to distract their daughter who breaks down and is held in a tender embrace by Zach. Jason on the bridge with XI and both are confused as to who the Empyreal is and why there is no record of him ever! Especially if he is as old as he says. They set course for Earth to confer with Zordon

A New Evil And The Suspense

I will have to say these last few issues of both teams are setting up for the Two new series from BOOM! Studios. This issue was non stop action. I know I have gone on before about how the action was too drawn out in other issues but this has you on the edge of the page waiting for the next. That’s why I said that one blip in dialogue came at a very inopportune moment.

The stakes are high and what’s coming next is your guess!

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