Newcomer Iman Vellani has just been announced as Marvel’s chose to play Kamala Khan, aka. Ms. Marvel.

Long Long Sister of Kamala Khan?

As you can see, Iman Vellani really does look as though she’s a stand-in for Kamala Khan. In fact, they’re more alike then you’d think. Iman Vellani is a newcomer to Marvel. In fact, she’s a newcomer to Hollywood period. She has no Wikipedia article, and I can’t find any mention of her anywhere. She’s a new and upcoming actor, just like how Kamala Khan is a new and upcoming superhero in her own universe. One wonder just how much Iman Vellani will project herself onto Kamala Khan here.

Kamala Khan in a comic.
Yep, definitely spot-on in the looks department.

The Ms. Marvel series will air on Disney+, and Kamala Khan will be Marvel Studio’s first Muslim superhero. That’s quite the first for a Marvel series, so we hope she will do the job right. From the looks of it though, it does look like Iman Vellani is perfectly suited for the job at hand. An embiggened hand, even.

Official art of Kamala Khan.
A very embiggened hand here.

…Yeah, I’ll just step out now.


Iman Vellani has been cast as Kamala Khan, with who she shares a startling amount of similarities, and not just in the looks department. Time will tell how she’ll do in the role, but it’ll sure to be a blast. At the very least, an embiggening is at hand here.

Source: Deadline