And just like that, this DC comics storyline comes to a close. To be honest I am a bit disappointed with this Wonder Woman 763 because the last few issues set up a brilliant story line with Diana’s arch nemesis, Maxwell Lord. Instead of a drawn out story, 763 wraps up the whole story line with Max’s daughter and everything in a very nice, neat, tidy, abbreviated bow.

First off let’s discuss these covers. The main cover shows what Wonder Woman 763 should have given us, Liar Liar attacking Wonder Woman with all the unbridled strength of a wronged teenager. In the second cover though we see a cover of beauty. I would love to have a poster of this cover. Diana thinking back to her homeland with a rising sun. Such an amazing rendering.

Inside, Maxwell Lord uses psychic powers to control minds and manipulate people. We found out he had a daughter he knew nothing about. Upset with her life she blames her father and cares nothing for the world. Using the name Liar Liar, she creates a phone app that manipulates the mind and makes them see things that are not there. With the same mental powers as her father, she can even manipulate Wonder Woman. Diana could do little even with Max’s help. How does Wonder Woman stop this threat? Easily, as it plays out.

Max and Liar Liar battle each other in a battle of wills. Somehow Liar Liar gets the upper hand on Max and controls his mind, but just as she readies to kill Max, Diana stops her. Max made Diana immune to Liar’s voice. In the distraction Max mind wipes his daughter of her powers. End of story.

Diana and Maxwell square off against Liar Liar
Moves within moves

Wonder Woman 763 – Open Plot Threads

In the end this issue ended very anti-climactically. There are, however, two points of interest that may or may not play with Diana’s path as she ages. The first comes from the final pages. Before losing her powers Liar showed Maxwell something from a different world. Liar showed Max the timeline where Diana snaps his neck, killing him. That future was undone with the change in timelines and Rebirth, but in the DC Universe, it means that story simply joined the multiverse and became the truth of a different dimension and reality.

What makes this interesting is when Maxwell Lord, Wonder Woman’s greatest of enemies and only villain she killed, joins forces with Wonder Woman, seemingly becoming a good guy. Will that vision from Liar Liar alter Max’s mind? Or does his mind hold duplicitous intent from the start? One would be wise to expect a betrayal.

The final plot thread in Wonder Woman 763 comes in the form of one Oryctolagus cuniculus – the white rabbit. Liar Liar carried the bunny everywhere with her. In the end, Diana kept it in her apartment. When an otherwise meaningless plot point is shown on a non-descript page, it usually means that object will be of special magnificence later. Is the rabbit the real enemy??