Norse Mythology #1 from Dark Horse Comics does a wonderful job of giving life to the old Norse myths, but what else would you expect when the duo of Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell are on the job?

Warning: spoilers for Norse Mythology #1, although if you’re familiar with actual Norse mythology, consider yourself already spoiled.

The cover art for Norse Mythology.
Some nudity present. And winged helmets.

Norse Mythology is actually the comic book adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, also called Norse Mythology. The comic book is basically Neil Gaiman’s take on several tales about the gods, goddesses, monsters, and assorted other characters from the actual Norse mythology. If you’ve ever read any of Neil Gaiman’s books, you know you’re in for a treat. And if not, well, you’re definitely in for one hell of a ride from one of the best fantasy writers ever to hold a pen.

Neil Gaiman's mugshot.
The man himself in all his mop-headedness.

Neil Gaiman Makes Norse Mythology Live Once More!

The artwork has a simplistic but detailed style reminiscent of the Silver Age-era comics. It really gives a classic look to Norse Mythology, perfect for a story about legends out of myth. Really, P. Craig Russell outdid himself here.

Art sample from P. Craig Russell.
Not Norse Mythology, but by the same artist.

As for the story itself, well, it’s all taken right out of the real life Norse mythology. If you’re a fan of that, then you should feel right at home here. Neil Gaiman starts you off in Norse Mythology by introducing you to Yggdrasil: the world tree that holds up the Nine Realms. Said realms are Asgard (realm of gods), Alfheim (realm of elves), Nidavellir (realm of dwarves), Midgard (realm of humans), Jotunheim (realm of giants), Vanaheim (realm of the allies of Asgard), Niflheim (realm of shadows), Muspell (realm of fire), and Hel (realm of the unworthy dead).

Another artist's take on Yggdrasil.
The Nine Realms, but not from the Norse Mythology comic book.

Even when the story finally gets around to the characters instead of just world-building, it’s all the classic mythological stories about the gods and goddesses living their lives together. But with magic thrown in the mix. And well, if you know your Norse mythology, you know how this story all ends. That however, is still a very long way away here.


Do you want to read Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell’s take on stories from Norse mythology? Or are you just interested in reading about the old stories for the first time. In either case, head to Dark Horse Comics’ website, buy Norse Mythology, and be prepared to be enraptured by tales from the Nine Realms.

Source: Dark Horse Comics