Los Angeles Comic Con date announcement

Los Angeles Comic-Con still hopes to move forward with an in-person event this December.

The convention, previously scheduled for September 25 – 27, announced a move to December back in July. The decision stemmed from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic closures and precautions.

Now, event coordinators announced tickets for LACC are on sale starting September 29. 

As part of the safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the 2020 convention will operate at a reduced capacity. LACC set a ticket cap of 12,000 per day. This initial round of early bird tickets maintains an even lower cap. Only 4,500 tickets are currently available.

Event organizers maintain that safety is their number one priority, and that LACC will only host an in-person event with the approval of the LA Department of Public Health. Under current guidelines for Los Angeles, large-scale events are not allowed. So, in order for LACC to host its live convention this year, LA County safety guidelines would need to change before December.

DeMoulin Discusses LACC 2020

Chris DeMoulin, CEO of Comikaze Entertainment – LACC’s parent company – discussed this year’s plans.

“Everyone at L.A. Comic-Con has been working for six months to answer ONE QUESTION – Can we make enough changes and adjustments to how we put on LA’s favorite Con to ensure that it is not just FUN, but it is also SAFE for attendees, vendors, talent and staff despite the challenges of living with COVID-19,” said DeMoulin. “With input from LA County Department of Public Health and the Mayor’s Office, in partnership with the LA Convention Center, we have a great plan.”

DeMoulin hopes the event could give fans a positive end to 2020. However, organizers will reschedule for safety reasons if necessary.

“If the COVID-19 metrics and trends allow us to have this event in December, our surveys say that all the fans, exhibitors and talent will be thrilled to end 2020 on an up note. If LADPH determines that we can’t do so safely, then we’ll reschedule for 2021,” continued DeMoulin.

Los Angeles Comic-Con is currently scheduled for December 11 – 13.

You can find more details about event changes and safety measures here.

So, what are your thoughts on LACC? Would you attend an in-person convention in December? Let us know in the comments.

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