I will admit I have not read the first two issues of this series, so I am not up to speed on what happened, but with the ending of Harley Quinn‘s own title I needed my Quinn fix. Thankfully Harley pops up in almost every Bat-title right now, spreading her Quinn-isms and quips everywhere she can. I decided to check this title out, and I wish I hadn’t. My sides hurt! Not only does this give us Harley at her best, it does so in a pure and unfiltered content. Plus, after I did a little digging, I found out this series will actually be a continuation of Harley’s ended series and picks up where it left off. Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey also belongs to the DC comics Black Label series, so the the language, action and content runs rough, vulgar and 100% satisfying.

The opening alone left me in stitches. Somehow Harley breaks into Wayne Manor of all places, gets drunk off her gourd and passes out in none other than Bruce’s bed! Bruce may be out playing Batman, but Alfred remains to deal with the uninvited guest. Alfred being totally professional, knows how to handle Ms. Quinn – through her stomach! In Harley’s excitement she sits up in bed and squeals with excitement, forgetting she is 100% naked! The back and forth between Harley and Alfred made me laugh hysterically, and with Harley dropping curse words every other word, you feel like this is the real Harley Quinn. Also, Alfred helps Ms. Quinn with her ‘beaver’ *ahem*.

Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey 3 – Time For a Head Count!

Renee Montoya, Black Canary, Huntress and Cassandra Cain (Batgirl variant I believe) make up the Birds of Prey in this title. They show up in this title, but this particular issue runs heavy with the Harley content. Because this continues straight off Harley’s title, Poison Ivy and Joker feature into events as well. Of course Joker sits in jail thanks to Harley tipping off Montoya, so his escape drags in other villains like Clayface, Penguin, Mr. Fries, Riddler and Two Face.

The total head count gets pretty high and one can bet future issues with guests and cameos will keep the streak growing. Perhaps the best part of all these faces comes from the art team. I really like the new looks for the characters. Black Canary looks pretty normal as does Montoya, but Huntress sports a new outfit as does Cassie. Cassie does not look like any Batgirl I’ve seen before and in theory Barbara Gordon holds the Batgirl mantle, but Cassie does have the bat-symbol on her suit.

Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey 3 – Pure Harley!

If you love Harley, you really need to pick this series up at your local comic store. Not only does it showcase Harley’s speech patterns, jokes and lack of decorum, but it shows the inner Harley as well. A few ties she nearly turns homicidal and kills a villain until someone like Renee stops her. She turns over all of the stolen loot from the villains sitting in jail (which causes Joker issues), but she does so knowing there’s a reward on most of it she will collect. Harley does a good job thinking a couple moves ahead of most people even though they do not expect it. Montoya even mentions this…right before Harley opens her mouth which is loaded with food. It hints a some of Harley’s physical prowess as well. Most do not realize her fighting prowess ranks her amongst the elite fighters in the DC Universe.

Then of course you witness Harley’s #1 most brutal power in all of DC – she can piss off anyone around her. Her relationship with the Birds is young, but she already flustered the hell out of Montoya. She made Joker so mad he offered a $20 million bounty for her dead or alive, and of course there’s Ivy. That story carries over from Harley’s title, and of course Harley pissed her off as well. Unbeknownst to Joker who captures Ivy and is threatening to kill her by the end of the issue.

Harley leaves drunk message for Ivy.
Harley’s Drunken Masterpiece

There is so much going on in Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey 3 you need to read it. Between Harley, the Birds, the villains and fellow Team Harley players this title will bust you up. Take the Harley title x10 because under the black label, the writers don’t need to hold back nearly as much!