Story Synopsis: X-Men: Schism

The X-Men have faced challenge after challenge, but this challenge literally splits the X-Men in two in this week’s Comic Rewind, X-Men: Schism.

After M-Day the mutant population dropped down from millions to about two hundred.  The mutants needed to huddle together for protection.  As the spokesman for mutants the X-Men took upon themselves to open up a sanctuary for mutants off the coast of San Francisco.

This small island was called Utopia. It eased a bit of the tension because most of the world’s powerful mutants were on the island and not living among them.  However, the relationship between homo sapiens and homo superior was still not in a good place.

X-Men: Schism

The X-Men were invited to the International Arms Control Conference. Scott Summers aka Cyclops representing the mutant nation of Utopia and mutants as a whole.  Summers’ goal was to appeal to the nations of the world to decommission their mutant hunting sentinels.

The conference wasn’t going well and then it got worse.  Renegade mutant Quentin Quire commited an act of mutant terrorism and the world decided to not only not decommission their sentinels, but to activate and use them against the mutants.

After years of tension between the subspecies and the great reduction in the mutant population Summers saw the need for every young mutant to fight.  However, Wolverine saw these kids as kids and should live like kids.  Play with dolls, have fun and live a carefree life.  Not learning how to kill and being prepared to die for the mutant race.

Two Of My Favorite X-Men Go Toe To Toe

Summers and Wolverine fought over the future of these young X-Men students.  I mean a full on fight and they almost killed each other for their ideals.  This fight led to the X-men being split in two, but what did this mean for the mutant population?

X-Men: Schism was written by Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen with art by Daniel Acuna, Alan Davis, Adam Kubert, Carlos Pacheco and Billy Tan.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2012.

A Great X-Men Story But Only When Continuing The Story Arc

After reading a disappointing X-Men comic last time I wanted to read a comic I remember enjoying.  However, this time around I didn’t like it as much.  It is still very good but not amazing like I remembered.

I think the reason I liked it less this time is because it was shorter than I remembered. However, I think I know the reason and it’s my fault.  Last time I read this I read AVX or Avengers vs X-Men when the Phoenix Force comes back to Earth and it is a whole big story.  In my head I combined two stories and forgot where one ends and the other begins.

X-Men: Schism

I Love Cyclops And Wolverine’s Chemistry

A thing that I really liked about this is how badass it makes Wolverine and especially Cyclops.  Wolverine is a badass and everyone knows that, but Cyclops doesn’t get the credit he deserves.  Cyclops is the leader of the F’n X-Men. He earned that position by protecting the world from the most dangerous things in the universe.  Cyclops lives in the Danger Room and is constantly training his body and mind.  He survived Wolverine trying to kill him and not many people can say that.

I liked the relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops.  They hate each other and always have.  However, they respect each other and know that they can rely on each other when the world is coming to an end.  At one point Quire disrespects Wolverine and Cyclops says that he’d rather have one Wolverine on his worst day than six Quires on his best day.  I think that sums up the respect Cyclops has for Wolverine pretty well.

The X-Men’s Design Changed Almost Every Issue

A big problem I had with this story was the art.  The artists seemly changed every issue and all were good artists.  However, they all draw their characters very differently.  One artist drew Cyclops like a 260 pound pro wrestler made of all muscle and the next issue a 140 pound high schooler.

This is a good quick little X-Men comic and I liked it a lot. However, by itself it doesn’t stand as well as I remembered.  This is a set-up to AVX and other future X-Men stories and when read right before those comics it really shines.



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