New Leader. Same Tyrant

Drakon New Dawn takes a look at how the alternate earth ruled by Lord Drakon is healing with its tyrant dead. Kimberly, previously the Ranger Slayer, has assumed the thrown. Doing her best to rebuild the war-torn world, and having Scorpina, Zack, and Trini as her main council.

Oh ya. Scorpina is here. Turns out she’s from some alternate reality to this alternate reality and was tricked into serving Drakon. Scorpina is easily one of the highlights of the book. Sassy, murder happy, and constantly butting heads with everyone.

She’s not Drakon. She just looks and acts like him.

The last issue saw Kimberly lead a charge against Drakon’s personal prison the Deadlock. While there they rescued a ‘mysterious ranger’ and a message was shot into space called Power Rangers in Space Villian Eclipta to earth.

Red Ranger Returns

Issue 2 starts strong by revealing what basically any fan of Powers likely realized halfway through issue one. That the ‘mysterious ranger’ is none other than Jason Scott.

He was only mostly dead

Jason was believed to have died at Drakon’s hands when he took over the earth. As it turns out Drakon merely captured him. Then spent years torturing him in order to break him and use him to learn how to fight the rangers. Not sure if that’s better or worse for poor Jason.

Red Ranger broken by Drakon

The group has little time to celebrate the return of their dead leader. Eclipta, from Power Rangers in Space has landed on earth and is plans to concur it. Jason’s solution is to take back the rangers coins Drakon has been using to empower his army and bring the Power Rangers back to life. Kimberly disagrees. Stating that the sentries have become the world’s main police force; and that depowering them would send the world into complete chaos.

After butting heads Jason leaves. Believing Kimberly has become the tyrant she replaced. Scorpian then nearly joins him. Stating fighting Eclipta is suicide. She is prevented by Adam Park. Who is this world is a Mastadon sentry. Oh ya, the two have a budding romance. Did I mention comics were weird?

Battle Against Eclipta

With Jason gone Kimberly decides to lead her army into battle. The army is able to handle the Qunatrons but is completely overwhelmed by Eclipta’s forces. Being the only fully powered ranger Kimberly fights Elipta one on one to draw her fire. Giving her army a chance to surprise attack her.

After several pages of fighting and everyone failing to take Eclipta down, Elipta manages to get Kimberly in a chokehold. Only for that to have been Kimberly’s plan. Adam jumps her from behind but as he is about to deliver a throat slash his powers go out. Leaving him an easy kill for Eclipta.

Turns out Jason decided to take matters into his own hands. Stealing the power coins and morphing into the red ranger and offering for the other ranger join him.

Final Thoughts

The idea of exploring the world of coinless is an interesting one. It provides what is essentially a completely new series to play with and explore. With characters who have been changed greatly and a setting that so far Power Rangers have only explored in Power Ranger RPM.

The book is sadly only a three-issue mini-series, but I would be down for a full series exploring this new world. As long as it comes with more sassy Scorpina.

More personality in two panels then her entire time in Power Rangers.