For Mando Mondays, Hasbro has partnered with Disney to come up with a The Mandalorian-themed Monopoly set. Ready to make some Imperial credits, people?

The whole Monopoly enchilada.
I swear, those credit chips look like chocolate.

Monopoly is one of those timeless board games. In fact, it was invented in 1935, and hasn’t gone out of style since. New versions of Monopoly keep popping up to keep it fresh though, and this The Mandalorian-themed version is no exception.

Mando Monopoly Spills its Guts

First of all, this The Mandalorian-themed Monopoly set comes with cool box art reminiscent of the TV series, complete with the titular Mandalorian’s sigil on it. No, not the Mudhorn. I meant that Mythosaur necklace he keeps around the kid’s neck.

The Mando Monopoly box art.
Loving that worn durasteel look.

There’s a lot of stuff packed into this Monopoly box. In addition to the expected gameboard, you get 4 character tokens, allowing you to play as The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Kuill, or IG-11. Each character comes with an ability card that tells you what their special ability is and how to activate them. And of course, there’s the all-important Child token for you to protect. For some reason, there’s also 3 enemy tokens depicting a Death Trooper, Moff Gideon, and an Incinerator Stormtrooper.

All the stuff in the Mando Monopoly box.
Seriously, why do those credit chips make me hungry?

Finally, there are 16 hideout cards that presumably take the place of the title deeds, 20 signet cards that presumably take the place of the Chance and Community Chest cards, 75 little plastic Imperial Credit chips (which you should definitely keep out of reach of small children), a pair of dice, and a handy little guidebook that explains all the rules much better than I would.

Mando Monopoly Definitely Wants Your Wallet

For this entire The Mandalorian-themed Monopoly set, all you need to do is shell out a mere $39.99 either on Hasbro’s own website or Amazon. Yeah, I know. It’s quite the chunk of change, isn’t it? Especially when the regular Monopoly game set costs just $15.97 on Amazon.

I suppose though that if you’re a diehard fan of The Mandalorian or if you just want a fresh take on Monopoly, this Mando Monopoly set is just the thing for you. Note that the set is already out, so you can get it shipped to your home starting now if you want. No preorders necessary.


Hasbro and Disney bring you a The Mandalorian-themed Monopoly set. Whether you like the theme or if you want to play a new take on the classic game, it’s a treat regardless. And it can be yours for “only” $39.99. You might want to forgo that Funko Pop figurine if you’re getting this though. And if you wanted that 1/2 scale Baby Yoda bust, you might want to think about saving your hard-earned dough.

Source: ComicBook