The Young Rock show coming to NBC is set to add some firepower from the glory days of the U. The U meaning, the University of Miami football team from the 1990’s. The Rock is a massive star in the world of entertainment, whether that’s pro wrestling or acting. That Hashtag Show has some exclusive details about the casting and characters for the first season of the upcoming comedy/drama series.

Miami University has had some of the best players on it’s field for football. You’re looking at Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Michael Irvin from the glory teams of Hurricanes football. That’s not all from Miami though, because Coach Dennis Erickson and 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke are showing up on this section of the show as well.

It all boils down to some serious action for Miami Hurricanes’ football fans. We don’t know any of the casting details about the show however. So who plays Young Dwayne Johnson is still a mystery.

Young Rock is set to start filming sometime in late 2020 or early 2021 and it’ll be appearing on NBC. Dwayne Johnson is going to be the host. You can expect more star power to show up on the show however, especially people from the pro wrestling side of The Rock’s life, including The Iron Sheik.

Who else would you want to see on Young Rock? It would be pretty cool to see how Steve Austin and his relationship worked. I hope they get into some of the finer details of the Rock’s younger career in wrestling. But I guess we’ll have to see when the show comes out.

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