Harley Quinn and Crew
Harley Quinn and crew

Harleen Quinzel – the dame that will not die. Recently, her solo DC Comic title ended on issue 75, but that seems to be the only place she’s taking a step back. Her cartoon show which aired on the failing DC Universe app received strong word of mouth from fans and critics, but the DC app failed to catch on. Now, like several other shows, the Harley Quinn adult animated show found new life. Harley Quinn Season 3 is coming to HBOMax.

Harley Quinn started off as a one-off side-character/joke on the hit animated series Batman: The Animated Series, but her power and popularity took her to unexpected heights. She caused chaos in her own solo title, but fans and readers recently wept as her solo title recently ended on issue 75. Her comic presence lived on, however. She played a major role in the Joker War story in the Batman title, and continues to pop in other peoples titles as Gotham’s newest hero with an attitude.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Coming to HBOMax: New Life

Harley Quinn swinging big
Cussing, beatings, and low blows are welcome here.

Harley stole the show in the first Suicide Squad movie and again in the pseudo-follow up Birds of Prey, but her true strength resided in her solo animated show on DC Universe. Voiced by Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco, Harley cussed, ranted, and raged across the screen as she struggled to find her new self, post-Joker. Some feared this too would end with the failing of the DC Universe, but like several other shows, the Harley Quinn animated show will see a third season over on HBOMax. In fact since moving over to the latest streaming service, she Harley and the other transported shows (Titans and Doom Patrol) saw their popularities increase.

Harley remains too big for DC to let fade away. While we do not know the release time table for the third season yet, expect young Miss Quinzel to keep resurfacing in Bat-titles, animated and real life movies. Between Margot Robbie and Kaley Cuoco, the trickster has found her embodiment in the DC Universe.