Being an 80s kid means I grew up on a regular diet of Rutger Hauer action movies. There’s no doubt he’s made some stinkers. But one particular film in his IMDb still stands out to me as a science-fiction horror favorite. Split Second stars Hauer, Kim Catrall and Alistair Duncan in a low-budget comedic sci-fi/horror that was, for all intents and purposes, pretty damn good.

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London 2008. After forty days and nights of torrential rain, the city is largely submerged below water, a result of the devastating effects of continued global warming. The warnings ignored for decades have now resulted in undreamed-of levels of pollution where day has become almost endless night. The future has never looked more dangerous…

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Tell Me More About Split Second

Just keep in mind, this is a Rutger Hauer movie. As much as I love his work, it’s probably not going to win any Oscars. However, the veteran actor’s portrayal of over-the-top bad boy cop Harley Stone is actually pretty good. Kim Catrall (Sex and the City) portrays Michelle, his girlfriend and target of the film’s antagonist alien serial killer. His rookie partner Durkin, played by Alistair Duncan (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), is actually the show stealer here. He has some really good one-liners and his metamorphosis from inept rookie to badass through the film is fun to watch. Finally, our alien serial killer—nicknamed the Scorpio Demon—is portrayed by Stewart Harvey-Wilson (The Fifth Element).

Rutger Hauer, Kim Catrall and Alistair Duncan in Split Second (1992)
Rutger Hauer, Kim Catrall and Alistair Duncan in Split Second (1992)

Split Second takes us into a terrible dystopian future London, where the city is always under water, grimy, and ridden with crime and crazy. Veteran cop Harley Stone is on the trail of a strange serial killer with a taste for human hearts. Stone’s partner is murdered by the grisly beast and he’ll stop at nothing to bring him in. Working with rookie replacement Detective Dick Durkin, together they track the killer, save Stone’s girlfriend Michelle, battle their own inner-demons, and come to a final confrontation with the menacing 10-foot tall alien monster that looks a mix of Judge Death and the creature from Ridley Scott’s Alien films. There’s plenty of action, gore, salty language, good creature effects, and a well-done creepy ambiance from start to finish. Plus there are mini-guns. Name a movie with mini-guns that wasn’t good. I’ll wait…

Durkin: I don’t think this thing thinks it’s Satan… I think this thing IS Satan.
Stone: Well, Satan is in deep shit.

Dialogue from Split Second
The Scorpio Demon
The Scorpio Demon

Where Can I Watch Split Second?

You can catch it for free on Tubi, Crackle and Amazon Prime. So whip up some popcorn, put in your earbuds, turn down the lights and enjoy this corny-yet-entertaining Rutger Hauer gem.

Stone faces the Scorpio Demon - Split Second (1992)
Stone faces the Scorpio Demon – Split Second (1992)

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