Moonbase 8 recently got picked up by Showtime. Now it seems the ball is rolling with a brand new teaser trailer for this sci-fi comedy series.

This particular teaser is pretty short. However, those 40-odd seconds tell us a surprising amount about Moonbase 8, especially towards the latter half of the teaser.

A trio of astronauts lying on fake moondust.
“What have we gotten ourselves into?”

The Three Stooges’ Moonbase?

But first: a recap before we get into the teaser. Moonbase 8 features a trio of prospective astronauts, who are all stuck in an isolated moonbase simulator somewhere in Winslow, Arizona. Their goal is to live together in what’s essentially a very small house, ride a very small car, and carry out very complex scientific experiments in order to qualify for a real lunar mission. Naturally, this all can go wrong very easily.

Astronauts wondering what they were supposed to do with this doohickey.
(L-R): Tim Heidecker as Rook, Fred Armisen as Skip and John C. Reilly as Cap in MOONBASE 8 “Dry”. Photo Credit: Courtesy of A24 Films/SHOWTIME.

From what the teaser trailer tells us, things go wrong indeed, and very quickly. From digging their own pitfall, to out-of-control rockets, to what appears to be an attempt at self-dental care; these astronauts clearly need to roll a SAN check. If they haven’t already done so.

Cthulhu fhtagn!
Thus spake Lord Cthulhu.

Curiously, one of the funniest things for me in this Moonbase 8 teaser was the sight of one of the astronauts washing his little lunar rover with a water hose. That would not work on the Moon. Depending on what the local temperature is, the water would either turn into a spray of ice crystals, or instantly sublimate into gas before reaching the rover. Neither of which helps in cleaning. It’d be hilarious if one of the other astronauts saw this and points it out.

Astronaut 1: “Well, how am I supposed to clean this thing then?!”

Astronaut 2: Here, a dry brush. Now brush that rover like you mean it.

But hey, as long as he’s still on Earth, might as well enjoy it while it lasts, eh?


Moonbase 8 gets a short but hilarious new teaser trailer. This new sci-fi comedy series will premier on Showtime on Sunday, November 8. If any of you are space fans, this will be a hoot!