While we have no official news of the PS5’s final price, we do have plenty of rumors. And right now, rumors abound that its price will drop in response to Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series’ prices. Take that with as much salt as you’d like.

The PS5 vs. Xbox Series fight begins!
Competition is a wonderful thing for us consumers, isn’t it?

To give you all some background info: Microsoft recently announced the prices for their Xbox Series consoles. The Series X will cost $500, while the less powerful Series S will cost a mere $300. That had to have given Sony a panic, and it appears that rumors are bearing this out.

According to Gamereactor, “multiple sources” claim that Sony is aggressively slashing the price of the PS5 in order to compete with the Xbox Series. Apparently, the digital-only version of the PS5 will cost $400, while the version that actually has a disc drive will cost you a “mere” $500. It’s a bit mindboggling that something as simple as a disc drive would cost an extra $100. Sure, it can play both DVD and Blu-ray, but surely it needn’t cost $100, does it?

The cheapest Blu-ray/DVD player I could find new on Amazon.
Note: this costs $100, and this was the cheapest option.

Huh, I stand corrected. Thank you, Amazon, for showing me the errors of my ways. And the fact that all the brand new Blu-ray/DVD players cost well over $100.

However, VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb commented that even a $500 PS5 will result in Sony taking a loss.

This sounds like it needs a dash of salt.

Salt for Your PS5 News?

Personally, I’d take this bit of news with more than a bit of salt. Sure, the PS5 has much better performance over the PS4, but the cost of electronics has gone down since the PS4’s time, so Sony could develop this high-spec system at a lower cost than what we’d expect. In addition, there’s still this whole COVID-19 going around. People want to stay at home and play games, which means that they’ll be throwing money at Sony to buy the PS5. Sony would naturally expect to sell a lot of PS5s due to this. It should more than make up for any development costs.

Consider that Sony was originally intending to price the PS5 significantly higher than what the current rumors say before Microsoft dropped their prices. I smell a rat. A very greedy rat. Praise competition making things cheaper for us consumers.

But that’s just my opinion. Take it with as much salt as you can possibly stomach.

An entire bowl of salt just for you.
Take as much as you like. I’ve got plenty.


Rumor has it that Sony will drop the PS5 digital version and full version’s cost to $400 and $500 respectively. There’s still no official news yet, so stay tuned for more. And pass the salt, please.

Source: ComicBook