Ewan McGregor gives us news that the still-unnamed Obi-Wan Disney+ series will be “standalone”. That means that it’s only going to have one season. The big news from the interview with McGregor is that the Obi-Wan show will be a single season. So people who were wondering about the length finally have that answer. In addition to this news, McGregor dropped that the show is going to film starting in the Spring.

McGregor was coy about the question of it being a single season though. He did leave room for change with his comment of “As I understand, it’s a standalone season, we’ll see. Who knows?” McGregor at this point is a master of deception with regards to the show, so we’ll have to see at some point down the line.

The Obi-Wan show was a huge highlight of the early Disney+ slate that was revealed last year at D23. The show has gone through some rough patches in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic. This news is all good for it though, so it’s getting geared up for production. Who do you want to see in the show? Do you think that Anakin Skywalker could make some appearances on the show?

What do you want to see out of the Obi-Wan show? Are you looking for more of a character piece on Kenobi?

Hello There: The First and Only Season?

Does this mean that Obi-Wan Kenobi will be appearing for only a single season? Tune in to That Hashtag Show for more news as this story develops.

Source: ET