Have you ever watched one of those movies where it plods along, and for the most part you could care less about any of it. Then the ending hits and all of a sudden it stands everything on its ear and the whole story means something completely different? Sixth Sense being the prime example. Well in Wonder Woman 762 from DC Comics, it does pretty much that. We read multiple pages of exposition and some character examining concerning one Maxwell Lord. It plods along until the ending, but oh what an ending!

Wonder Woman 762 – Concerning One Maxwell Lord

This issue really turns into one, page-filling summation of everything going on so far. If you are new to to WW or have been thinking about picking it up, this becomes a decent issue to do so. As we all know citizens continue to be brainwashed into seeing things that are not there. Candi and the government tracked it all back to a phone app, but they shut it down. unfortunately, it did nothing to stop the problem.

Max helped shut down the phone system, but the problems persist. The only thing of any real interest in this issue comes from Lord himself. We finally see into Lord’s mind and why he reversed himself into helping the government. We now understand his position even if it adds little to the ongoing story.

Then we come to the ending. To tell you the identity of the true villain behind this mess will surprise no one if you read 761, but at the end the villain, using the name Liar Liar, reveals herself to Diana and Max. Normally, this would not mean much since we found out last issue, but there is one teensy, tiny thing that was not mentioned. Liar Liar drops one more small piece of info that shakes up the events taking place. When revealed, Wonder Woman 762 shakes up the story to come!